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Hello Gorgeous, I’m Stephanie

I'm a an artist first and foremost, I create the most beautiful designer handbags while revisiting the core of luxury and femininity.

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This is me.

I’m constantly growing and reflecting on how I can bring a better experiences to my customers with each and every piece I create.  Creating products that regenerate the original intention of luxury and amplify craftsmanship, quality materials, and functionality. 

My inspiration is being led by my experiences during all my travels. Each piece is inspired by a moment, a memory and a feeling that is forever seared in the woman I am today.

Every decision being an opportunity of growth and evolution, one that I will be invested in for a lifetime.

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I’m always available for a conversation, and I’m always sharing my inspirations, retreats and experiences on Social Media.

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The Luscious Experience

Cultivating more analog experiences. Ruminations on being feminine (not a feminist), falling in love with life, while enjoying beauty and luxury

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