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Hello Gorgeous, I’m Stephanie

Over 7 year’s I’ve been through so many different careers; direct selling, travel Agent, Life Coach, product creator, Network Marketer, Flight Attendant, Waitress & Best Selling Author, each and every path has led me here.

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This is me.

I aligned with businesses that are good for me, for you and for the planet. I’m constantly growing and reflecting on how I can bring a better experiences to my clients and friends, not how much I can profit. Every decision being an opportunity of growth and evolution, one that I will be invested in for a lifetime.

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I’m always available for a conversation, and I’m always sharing my inspirations, retreats and experiences on Social Media.

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The Luscious Experience

Cultivating more analog experiences. Ruminations on being feminine (not a feminist), falling in love with life, while enjoying beauty and luxury

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