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And what if for a second, we chose to see life as a masterpiece. What would our life look like? Feel like? Taste like? What if we stopped...


I live for moments like this (which don't come often enough). Moments of pure bliss, where the food touches your lips in a way that just...

She's always been there.

Today, I learned that 60% (in my Instagram poll) of women, don’t know how to feel feminine any more. Yikes. That number frazzled me a...

Your experience of life is your own

Your experience of life is your own – and only you can create and change it, mold it into the world you’d like to experience. Even as you...

The Luscious Experience

Why luscious? The definitions of luscious and lush, were words that’s came forth when trying to envision what I wanted women to feel,...

Why I chose to reduce time off Social Media

Social media can be a gift but can also be a nuisance. I’ve spent most of my adult life attempting to “make it” on social media, so much...

What a life. I'm in love!

I was fortunate enough to travel to over a dozen different countries from Europe to the Middle East, to Costa Rica, and all across...

This is it. My new adventure.

I’ve always thought that writing a blog (and maybe someday a VLOG) would never be part of my story. I was always critiques and criticized...

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The Luscious Experience

Cultivating more analog experiences. Ruminations on being feminine (not a feminist), falling in love with life, while enjoying beauty and luxury

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