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  • Stephanie Goudreault

A discovering.

Travel to me is more than a simple memory; its an experience, it’s discovering a part of who I am.

I can recall a time where growth was not a big part of my life, and I would only want to experience life without the lessons.

Travel has brought me lessons.

Costa Rica – be happy with what you have

Dominican – True meaning of relaxation

Mexico – The feeling of Luxury and appreciation

Spain – The spontaneity, the discovery and adventure

Egypt – learning the ethics of hard work but also understanding rhat even when your not “doing” it’s still being productive

Caribbean – Cultural differences in different islands

Canadian West Coast – the vibe of the hiker, the outdoors and health

New York – the beauty of friendships

My physical life will always be more important than my digital life.

Every time I allow myself to get lost in the culture, the language, the food and the unknown, I discover more.

My perception is expanded, my beliefs are changed and my experience of life gets deeper.

I have a personal reality that is a compilation of all the things I’ve learned on my travels.

Getting out of your routine habitual patterns, your known environments and the things that remind you of who you are… allow you to have a clean slate into the subconscious.

A clean slate to create, feel, experience, dreams… as if you were someone knew.

Someone without a past, without life traumas, without the pain, without the comfort, without the biases and the lies.

Someone who can create an entirely new personal reality, by simply getting out of repeated patterns.

Travel Is more than a simple memory.

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