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  • Stephanie Goudreault

“A Rising tide lifts all ships”

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Wow. This quote has all the feels for me right now.

Not to long ago, I wouldn’t have believed it; that I could rise with others and that people actually wanted to see me succeed.

As always, life bring you the most magical people and @alphafemme shared this quote on her IG just a few hours ago (go give her a follow if you don’t already!!) and it rocked me to my core.

A few years ago, I thought everyone was in it for themselves, that no one cared, and that it was all for show or for face.

In the world that I was part of, we were taught that women are vicious, backstabbing, self-centered people (and some can be) but in the past year, I’ve been shown just the opposite.

My ego has been challenged time and time again with women’s kindness.

As we rise in our power, in our wealth, in our generosity, in our love for life… the people around us benefit and the world benefits from all of it.

Because I understand the depth of life, emotional intelligence and personal power differently, the world around me is evidence that as I rise, we rise and as we rise, I rise.

And everyone who choses to stay close to the lighthouse, will also benefit from every boat on the water.


The basic problem when it comes to women is we don’t trust ourselves enough to trust other people, and so we feel like to make ourselves feel better, we have got to bring others down.

If we want to see the world around us change, especially in the climate we are in now, we have to take responsibility for our own actions, thoughts and emotions.

No one will do it for us, and blaming our parents, generational curses or traumas is not going to help either.

And all the wounds I harbored didn’t allow me to see the gift I could provide and receive from this type of friendship. There was no way I trusted myself enough to keep my word and I felt so inferior to everyone, like as If I didn’t belong that I just didn’t even attempt.

The truth is most of my friendships are comfortable, and safe. I never feel challenged in my beliefs and I was okay with being “unseen”.

I wanted big things, but I never up levelled my friendships to match my desires.

What if I fail and disappoint these women I admire and want to learn from? (I had

disappointed myself so often that I knew the feeling, and I wasn’t ready to face it)

I never understood that “together we rise” (If you haven't check her out on IG you should: Alpha Femme). How can we rise together when they’re making all the money?

“A Rising tide lifts all ships”.

But there’s was a deep misunderstanding of what that truly meant.

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