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  • Stephanie Goudreault

A true and honest Desire...

My desire for this blog thread is to make women feel something different than their familiar.

My work is not of entertainment or pure information, it is one of wisdom, teachings and embodiment. Women don’t need entertainment, they need to be nurtured and held while they lead themselves towards their oasis (check out my free masterclass to understand what this is).

This is a calibration portal, a scratching of the veil, one that leads to deep inner work, a relationship and a deep knowing of the women I meet along the way. It’s about the experience and realities I get to create through my world view.

There’s a reason I only attract certain types of women, women that internally know that there’s more to life and more to the purity of being feminine.

I understand my role, and I know with certainty how I can offer support and help in this massive time of transition.

I desire to lead the next generation of women through the aftermath of suppressing our inner being, our desires and emotions for generations.

And that will require us to feel.

In some of my writing you’ll notice that it’s not about information, teachings or personal growth at all, but a memory of a moment that taught me something.

Through my travel, I have the opportunity to see the world differently than most and I have the advantage of experiencing life in a different way (and I write about it).

And through those “travel experience” writings (you’ll notice the category in my Substack), you can take the moment to feel what I have felt during those experiences of life. And what happens is YOU quite literally feel a different version of yourself, one that lays dormant waiting to be activated. And if you chose to submerge yourself in my experience or place yourself in my shoes, you’ll live an experience of your own.

Women need to feel. We must reconnect to that part of us.

In the next few days I’ll be dropping an experience I had an Egypt, I hope you enjoy the read. xo

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