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  • Stephanie Goudreault

All of it is a lie, the system is failing women…

… and it’s our opportunity and duty to pave a new way, not reaffirm a system that doesn’t work for us anymore.

As we learn to be in touch with our feminine, our oasis, our being, our truth and our higher selves; we are much happier, fulfilled, blissful, wealthy, grounded and appreciative.

Yet, most women are told to achieve more, hustle more, learn more, make more money, workout more…

As women, we are really in a position of disbalance. We learn throughout our lives to become more masculine, but in reality, we should learn how to be more feminine.

(Today’s culture is masculine enough as it is.)

.. and as a female growing in a masculine environment, it’s a strange now to need to rediscover the purpose of femininity in my life, and to write about something that is part of our DNA!

Something that we should not stray from, something that is magical, and that we should embrace as our superpower.

I came across a term this morning called misogyny, the hatred of women. We have been promoting this behavior for some time now, and it’s been destroying the purity of the feminine woman.

“I had never really considered that women could be misogynists', that we can internalize the misogyny we have received and actually despise and suppress uniquely feminine aspects in ourselves. We might reject uniquely feminine role such as motherhood. Or, we might embrace and value traditionally masculine traits, including power, reasons, and initiative, while spurning traditionally traditional ones, such as tenderness, emotions, and intuition.

This more subtle form of misogyny manifests as a hatred of the feminine - of what women uniquely contribute and represent. Ironically feminists who are supposed to promote women are some of the worst perpetrators of this type of misogyny.” – Julie Roys

For a long time, I believed something was wrong with me, and I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t happy in the world that everyone was telling me to live. I couldn’t grasp why I was being forced to fit in this box.

The anxiety, the fear, the depressions; are all emotions that are brought up when I wasn’t connected to myself… and all part of this grandiose idea of keeping us in a box. As women, we are meant to be free, creative, luxe, femme, abundant, nurturing, loving… our soul pulled to create such magical things that men simply can’t create.

We are in a position of utmost power, and we can’t seem to see it unless we take on masculine role, but that’s a lie. The truth is we have power within us, and the system has been created to suppress our internal guidance, our “je ne sais quoi”, our beauty, our mystery, our magnetism…

I am here to pave new way, not reaffirm a system that doesn’t work for femininity anymore.

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