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  • Stephanie Goudreault

Are you missing an opportunity when you travel?

The biggest lesson I have learned in my years of travel, is this.

When I could understand other people’s point of view based on their life experience, surroundings, cultures, food choices, traumas and values…

I could start understanding more of myself.

While I travel, and I’m living through different parts of my soul, I’m able to feel through life in a different way.

When I was in Costa Rica, in a remote part of the country, in a town that was poor… I are so grateful for the things I had back home in Canada.

When shops in Spain were closed in the middle of the afternoon because it’s time for “la siesta”, I realize how doing more all the time was dangerous for my health

When it took 3-4 hours to have diner in Italy because the locals we’re enjoying every course with a glass of wine, amongst family with a lot of laughs, I chose to bring that value back to my own table.

When I enjoyed the warm sands, winds and ocean in Mexico, I wished that everyday life could be experience in this fashion…

When I was in a plane (which was a lot) and I had nothing to worry about, except the next movie I would watch next… I found a piece of bliss within myself that I may have never felt


And in those moments of wisdom, I can see myself more clearly, I can identify what I value and I can see past the traumas a little differently and actually feel happy.

I see myself differently when I experience something that is not familiar, that is not predestined, that is not anxiety, depression or stress…

I feel different when I get to step into a different pair of shoes, a different reality, a different way of life…

Travel has never been about escaping life, it’s been about understanding more of myself.

And with these different perspectives, I have the rare opportunity to understand more of

humanity, feel more love, experience more joy and live life that’s not based on the reoccurring thoughts that most of us have.

Isn’t that what growth and evolution is all about?

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