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  • Stephanie Goudreault

During hard times...

Sunday Journal Entry -

I wanted to share my journal entry from this morning because it’s important to be able to understand how other women process feelings, emotions, and thoughts through this very hard time in our history.

We are going through an immense amount of pain, trial, and tribulation as a nation. As people fight for freedoms, others are trying to tear us down with rubber bullets, tear gas, and horses.

We have a huge role to play as women. And it can be hard on us, on our energy, and our hearts.

The world has gone mad, I don’t recognize our country anymore, and we are headed down a very dark path.

I can’t predict what will happen next, and that terrified me. I have always been able to plan out my future; trips, goals, milestones, and celebrations.

And for once, I’m not certain of what’s to come.

The only thing I’m certain of is that I need to stay connected to my feminine and my oasis.

Every part of me wants to close my heart off to the world and tell people how I feel.

And that’s hard not to do.

It is.

And that’s the wrong move in this game of chest.

As the world tries to keep me afraid, angry, anxious, and defeated; I chose to show up as a woman in her feminine. And do things that bring me joy, pleasure, and replenishment.

What does that look like for me in these moments of absolute fear and chaos?

  • Praying

  • Feeling my pain and discomfort (crying it out a lot)

  • Experience my gratitude’s for what God has given me- multiple times a day

  • Regulating my nervous system at all cost - not over-react

  • Listen to jazz music - because Frank Sinatra is always a vibe

  • Drink Cacao

  • Smell the fresh flowers in my living room

  • Cook recipes from all over the world

  • Love on other people - donations or volunteer

  • Make my energy my #1 priority

The beauty is that to keep my heart open, I must allow myself to enjoy the small experiences and pleasures of life, even amongst the chaos.

I have been self-aware enough to notice my patterns when they come up, I notice when I’m triggered and I notice when I get hot-headed a little bit. So I can make better choices.

I trust that the decisions I make and the actions I take are righteous, and I know deep within my soul that during these hard times we can change the collective outcome by keeping our hearts open.

I trust that I will be okay during the process.

And even if people are harsh, mean, vindictive, and angry, I know the woman I am and I am proud of her.

Words that are said can never destroy the faith I have to mend my own broken heart (if it needs to be mended).

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