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  • Stephanie Goudreault


And what if for a second, we chose to see life as a masterpiece.

What would our life look like? Feel like? Taste like?

What if we stopped just living, and we started experience again?

For some of us, that experience has been cut off, and we can’t do those things anymore.

And for some of you, you still take it for granted.

You’ve lost sight of it all. You’ve made it mean nothing.

Because you chose to be above the lower class of citizens, you’ve chosen to actively participate in a socialist regime that to me doesn’t make it worth it.

If some people are actively ostracized in experiencing the best that God has to offer, and that life has t offer…

How can you enjoy the experience?

And what I’ve come to realize is that I live for moments where I can experience this with people, anyone, regardless of what their vaxx status is.

I get to bring people with me on this journey of life, on this journey of experience, on this journey to a masterpiece.

But in North America, we are so preoccupied with fast and cheap, that it doesn’t matter about the experience

And so since it doesn’t matter for ourselves, it doesn’t matter for other people.

I wish for once, you could experience the things I’ve created for what they are,

The food, the writing, the videos, the trips, the adventures…

And it’s because I’ve experienced so much that I get to talk about it,

I get to share a perspective that’s uniquely my own,

I get to write in a way that evokes emotions, inspirations and experience.

On that Italian trip, it was so much more than the food, the people and the culture.

It was a new way of life, it was an experience that someday I’d love to share with my partner, a gift I would love to gift my kids, an experience of complete submersion.

And lately I’ve been finding ways around the area to create those experiences for myself and my family.

Because it was never in God’s plan to strip all freedom and experience away from “certain people”..

God create all of this, and then he created us.

So we could experience it all. I’ve come to realize that most of the North American population regardless of their status, have never actually learned this lesson, and virtue of life.

And it doesn’t matter what the status is, you’ll just keep doing the things you’ve always done, and lacking in life’s given experiences because…

You’ve never actually taken the time to have them.

And my wish for you, is that someday… you let go of North American culture, and dogma, and actually experience life in a different way than you’ve been programmed too.

Because you’re missing out.

I live for moments like this.

Moments of pure bliss, where the food touches your lips in a way that just feels so right

The richness of a culture has a lot to do with the history of the food. And the moment you take that away, you lose, a really big part of your identity. -Mehmet Gurs

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