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  • Stephanie Goudreault

From the Depths

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

And the tour has just begun..

I’m in awe of what the world has to offer.

The pyramids were all that I would have ever dreamed off.

And for the last piece, I feel like an archeologist discovering the tombs for the first time as I wait in line to enter the pyramid.

What will I see?

What will I hear?

What will I feel?

It’s exciting and terrifying all at once.

I’m next!!

I walk engulfed by the opening heading to debts of the reason these great treasures have been built.

Into the core of the pyramid.

It’s a small opening, I have to bend down on this steep decline, it’s getting colder and colder.

The smile on my face, the excitement, the kid like behavior says it all.

I’m here, in the place I someday thought I would get lost.

After a few dozen (probably more) steps,

I’m at the bottom looking at this long corridor heading to another chamber, another room… and I can’t help but wonder if there are secret chambers surrounding me, ones that the archeologist and Egyptologist have yet to discover.

Or maybe mummies are laying around under the stones I’m stepping on, two holes spying on me as I walk past them.

Or maybe, I’m going to find writings that thousands of years ago that will portray the real reason these pyramids were built.

And as I enter the next chamber it opens up to tall ceilings, wider walls and the remanence of a tomb that once stood untouched for millennia.

It’s cold down here, but it’s not stuffy… and it makes me wonder what type of ventilation lies in between the crack, how can I feel like I’m breathing fresh air when I’m hundreds of feet beneath the sands (questions I ask myself).

People from all over the world pay to enter this chamber, just to say that they’ve been inside one of the most popular wonders of the world.

It got me questioning why are we so attracted to the pyramids?

And all she (the pyramid) has to do to be admired is to: protect the secrets of the world deep in her belly, hold an energy more powerful than human comprehension, stands strong and firm in her story and reaches for the stars…

And the world comes rushing in magnetized by her magic and her presence.

A timeless beauty.

We can learn a lot from the pyramids.

Until Next time,

Steph xo

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