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  • Stephanie Goudreault

It is time.

To start supporting other women in their mission.

We have got to get back to our wild nature (and I don’t mean living with wolves outside, walking naked around town… but if that’s your jam go for it).

Our wild nature consists of letting go of the system we have been perfectly groomed for.

The system that tells us feminism is good, and femininity is bad.

The system that tells us wearing tampons, and taking birth control is good for us and our health.

The system that tells us that if you are anything but masculine you are weak.

The system that tells us that no just women can birth children but men can too.

The system that tells us that we should all gossip and be malicious.

The system that tells us to keep our emotions hidden so we don’t make other uncomfortable.

The system that tells us that being a woman is not enough, you’ve gotta be more.

The system that tells us not to work on our own healing, and release of trauma.

The system that does NOT advocate for emotional intelligence.

The system that wants us to be fearful, miserable and controlled.

The system that is convincing the world that Christianity is criminal.

The system that is completely taking away the magic, and the power we have as women, just as God designed us.

We are magic.

We are beautiful.

We are powerful.

We are creators.

We are feminine.

We are one with nature.

We are alive.

And as we learn to dispel the lies and the propaganda around us, we get to see the beauty that other women have, and they can teach us.

Not in a comparison way, or a “she’s better than me” self pity way… in a way that empowers us to become our true selves.

I am so proud to be a woman.

To be Femme.

To love luxury.

To have different tools, qualities and strengths than men.

To work together with my partner to create a beautiful balanced life.

To have deep emotional relationships with others.

To have dreams and goals, and my own way of achieving them.

To feel totally and utterly at peace with my life.

To feel happiness, and joy amidst a world that DOES not want us too.

I’m so proud to have met such amazing women along the way. In any area of growth, I have met women (regardless of if they are aware or not) that have changed m perspective, my understanding, my wisdom and my personal power. I will always be grateful because they have changed the trajectory of my life, and my path to where I am today.

It’s time to find our lusciousness, and defend it at all cost.

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