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  • Stephanie Goudreault


I live for moments like this (which don't come often enough).

Moments of pure bliss, where the food touches your lips in a way that just feels so right.

North American culture has taken this experience away from us.

From fast food, to deep fried and to cheapest ingredients,

Do we truly know what the meaning of Indulgence is?

Our ancestors (regardless of which country you originate) have left us with the most beautiful of recipes, flavors, homegrown ingredients, family meals and love… and we have

Ruined it, totaled it entirely.

The fast-food industry is slowly killing us, and in more ways than one.

It’s killing our health, our mental health, our heritage and our cultural background, but honestly, it’s killing the entire experience of life.

The purpose of food has been so much grander for centuries.

It brings people together.

It’s made with love.

It’s taking us back in times where we were young, when our parents were young, in other cultures, other ethnicities, other worlds.

We lack the emotional when it comes to food,

And this goes for all things, and it trickles down into our everyday life.

Human used to gather around a table in the evening to have a meal as a family, and when I had the opportunity to travel there in 2013, I was blessed with two Italian family meals.

And we have it so wrong in North America.

We have killed, all passion that lies in the art of cooking, tasting, feeling, experiencing…

All we want is something cheap, that’s quick, that “taste good’ (relative because taste buds adapt to the cuisine you consistently feed yourself) at the detriment of everything else.

We miss out on the finer moments of life.

Life is a compilation of moments. Moments that take your breath away. Moment that’s will forever be remembered.

And what if we spend life going through nothing. Because along the way, we are so focused on doing that we forget to create those moment.

I find these moments in food.

I find these moments in culture.

I find these moments in laughter.

I find moments in dancing.

I find these moments… wherever I go.

Moments that can’t be felt or experience in a fast and cheap world.

When you’ve had a steak, or a salmon at a high-end restaurant that intentionally chooses the best ingredients… you will remember that meal forever.

And the beauty of that remembrance, you’ll also remember the smell, the taste, the people, the laughter, the location of the table, the music that was playing, the ambiance…

It’ll be more than just “a meal”.

It’ll be a masterpiece.

(to be continued) …

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