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  • Stephanie Goudreault

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting."

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting." Ralph Waldo Emerson

I draw my inspiration from the world

What is life if you don’t notice the world around you?

My inspiration comes from nature, food, produce, natural wonders, people, cultures, languages... will never be found in technology, the metaverse, the hustle, the survival, the fear…

As a women, I follow what I see that's beautiful

And it seems that in North America, we were conditioned to do the opposite, And we miss an entire part of life when we live in this way.

We know entertainment, but we don’t know pleasure, fun, and experience

Eat more, sleep more, make more money, buy more things, quicker faster, easier, sleep with more people, take more pills, don't eat meat, eat plant-based, lose more weight...

We are fed bullsh** all the time.

So much, that we forget that there’s a whole other world around us, a whole other reality that we can experience.

It’s true when they say you can create your life. And people will scoff, judge, mock and criticize…

But everything in life is a choice, and you are completely capable of changing all of it.

The reality is that most people don’t want to try, and when they are miserable they have something to blame it on; kids, spouse, hustle, family, government, economy...

Love, YOU have the power to change it all.

As a woman, use your tenderness, emotions, and intuition to guide you, it's our God given gift, and the world is trying to take it away from you.

Feminists have actively promoted a world where people expect you to get "a real job", or to be like everyone else (or like men). and have demonized the attributes that make us magical and feminine.

I've been asked, pressured and pushed to "get a real job", and you know what? I’m happy. I’m grateful and I’m at peace that I don't follow the narrative of what society thinks is best for me.

I don’t want the typical North American lifestyle; I don’t thrive on hustle, having more and more, doing more and more, paying for more shi**I don’t need, getting a bigger house, keeping up with the Joneses, following the trends, listening to the new music (noise pollution). getting the next title or next rank,

I will not subscribe to that life, because all I see when I see that life is misery.

I draw inspiration for the world, I learn from others, I make mistakes and I keep going.

I am one with nature, I don’t overuse it, abuse it, or misuse it.

I draw on the cycles, seasons, and astrology to learn more about the rhythms of life.

I read the first-ever personal growth book to learn more about humanity; the bible.

I embody the person I want to be (or I am) and I watch my emotions carefully.

I eat quality food and make meals from scratch. I grow gardens and enjoy watching the seasons change, and the cycles keep going.

I learn from cultures, and countries all over the world, look at their history.

I’m in bliss of the landscape that we can experience all over the world: the oceans, the rainforest, the mountains, the palm trees, the lakes, and rivers.

I’m moved by people’s talent, gifts, passions, and self actualizations.

I laugh, I cry, I smile and I live.

Everything is done with intention.

Everything is done with purpose.

Everything is done with love.

I draw inspiration from the world. My world. My experience. My personal reality.

The reality I’ve created for myself, the woman I've become and the life I’ve chosen (that people still don’t understand), I'll be proud of telling my kids someday.

All of this is just scratching the veil. The veil that most people don’t want to scratch because...

It would break their illusion of what creates a happy life, the illusion that society has been telling us for decades, you need more. And the only way I managed to see the beauty in the world as I do today... I broke the habit of being myself, my old self, my wordily self and the self that just went along with the narrative.

A happy life comes when you do everything in the opposite way the world tells you to.

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