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  • Stephanie Goudreault

Our desire to Give

As women, we were born to give in the areas we excel, in or areas that come naturally to us.

But some women do not believe in the full value of what they give, and so they are not great receivers. There's a disbelief in the ebb and flow of an energetic relationship.

And when we find ourselves not receiving in the way we are meant to, we feel hurt, depleted, sad, frustrated, angry, unappreciated, unrecognized, and unworthy.

And so, what are our options?

1- give more to feel like eventually we’ll be seen for the hard work we set into this world.


2- retract, become cold and close our hearts.

Most women chose the former. And give more.

There's an intuitive piece within us, for some it's the gift of nurturing the sick, the poor, the elderly, and the children. For others, it's to cook, and birth children. And for others, it's mentoring the next generation to become the best version of themselves. Whatever the gift, each and everyone is valued beyond belief. And even when we don’t feel appreciated for our "work", it's in our nature to keep giving because we see the potential of our actions. And this can be a trap.

Without our desire to give, our world would be very cold, dark, and full of hatred. It would lack beauty, sensuality, love, nurturing, compassion, and desire.

But when our giving surpasses our well-being, gives us burnout, or makes us feel less than. We are looking for external validation that will tell us we are appreciated, loved, and cared for.

But in reality, we must learn to give ourselves these things instead of expecting to receive them from other people.

Boundaries play a role in this. But I believe what is most important is a genuine love for the depth of woman we are, the intricacies and details that lie within our bodies, our souls, our minds, and our emotions. If we felt a true appreciation for our nature, and our being, we wouldn’t be searching for external validation.

We wake up every morning without wondering how our heart beats, it just does. Or how while we were sleeping, our lungs kept breathing. Or how our body secrets hormones to keep us alive. We were born from our mother's womb, from a seed planted and grown.

We’ve opened our eyes to a soul that defines our character, our desires, our love, our interests… and we didn’t have to “work” to earn any of it. Everything is a gift.

The deep love for the miracle of who we are is what we take for granted. If women loved their being, as much as they loved others: our wounds, coding, pains, and ancestral lineage would be handled very differently.

We have everything we need within us.

Our growth and evolution, our relationships, our health, and our wellbeing would come before anything external.

It would come before the status, the title, the house, the car, the highlight reels, the jealousy, the criticism, the money…

In a world that actively promotes fear-based, survival, masculine energy… we lose that magic we have within. The one that heals all things. We were born the give, not in the way men are born to give, we were born to give pure energy and rising frequencies.

Things that can’t be seen with the naked eye, and these feelings reside in who we are being: in our bodies, in our hearts, in our hormones, in our characters, in our love and our compassion.

Women are not meant to do things to change the external world directly (as men do). We are meant to change our internal being, and as a by-product, we change the external world.

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