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  • Stephanie Goudreault

She's always been there.

Today, I learned that 60% (in my Instagram poll) of women, don’t know how to feel feminine any more. Yikes. That number frazzled me a little.

And if you are one of those women, don't blame yourself nor feel sorry for yourself or feel anything less than worthy.

This feminine part of you has always been there;

she’s the intuition that tells you not to take the deal,

the gut feeling that says to stay home today,

the little voice that wants you to relax,

the desire to feel soft sheets or the smell of clean clothes,

the smell of nature or flowers,

or the sensuality of rolling around naked in silk,

the resiliency of having multiple children,

the deep love we have for our spouse/kids/parents,

our compassion for others in need,

our desire to experience luxury, beauty, and sensuality.

Did you see yourself in any of these?

The feminine is not an identity that you build, it's a part within you waiting to come out and enjoy life.

Women have been taught the same things for generations;

be tougher, stop crying, don’t be emotional, work more, earn more, do more…

We’re essentially treated the same way as men.

And it’s not wrong to ask these things of men because that’s the way God created them, but

God created us entirely different, in a way we compliment each other.

When you slow your life pace down, you can tune into these small gestures or desires that will allow you to tap into your feminine.

It’s important to sit with yourself, feel your emotions and embody that powerful goddess within.

Take a minute to feel the fabric of the couch, blanket, or pillow, smell the curry that’s cooking on the stove, listen to jazz music and feel the rhythm, feel what’s happening in your body, what emotions are present or lingering, what sounds do you hear in your house when everything's quiet.

Here are some things women have mentioned that also made them feel more feminine

  • A bouquet of fresh flowers

  • Soft lingerie/pajamas

  • Hair removal

  • Yoga/stretching

  • Hot baths

  • Having hair and makeup done

  • Cooking

And these are all beautiful things “to do” but yet again, the feminine is not a “to-do” list but rather a being, a feeling, and a sensuality.

As a woman still deeply connecting and feeling her feminine, I realize that this is a lifelong process, one that I will learn and teach for a very long time.

This is super important in the healing of our world. It starts with us, our gifts, our character, and our connection to divinity.

Start small, be intentional about our life, and commit to this. You won't regret who you become in the next little while.

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