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  • Stephanie Goudreault

Standing Firm.

These past few months, I’ve been learning more about becoming a feminine woman. As the summer approaches, I’ll find myself diving deeper into this work and embodying the true essence of a magnetic woman. And as I integrate this wisdom into my being, I’ll be sure to share what I learn.

Women all over the world should be learning to embody life in this way, and it should be a gift passed down from generation to generation, making it part of our ancestry. I will be so proud if someday I can show this to my daughter(s).

Lately, I’ve felt like a deeper coming home to myself.

I trust myself so much more.

The trajectory of my life has made another shift.

The truth is a little over a year ago, I didn’t know how to be feminine. I couldn’t tap into that part of myself.

I had this belief that it was something I had to work at really hard to create, fake it till you make it (masculine energy). But honestly, she was there all along, drowned out by all the wounds, the codes, and the masculinity.

I don’t have to create a new me, I have to unlearn everything that’s not me and manifest

from Her.

Masculine wants to fix, eliminate, control, and take action.

But the femme operates on an entirely different system; she adapts, pivots, and trusts (something I didn’t even know could happen).

My entire life was based on fighting whatever came my way (even fighting with myself at times) with hype or defending my position, decisions, and reasons for being.

Once I started learning more about women, origin, femininity, traits, and qualities… I stopped trying to fight the old and stood firm in my values, integrity, and beliefs.

I stopped paying attention to other people that believed differently, feeling like I had to prove that my opinion was right, or better? I’m not entirely sure, but I felt like I needed to validate myself in fighting other people’s perspectives.

“Old paradigms do not need to die, for new ones to be birthed.” – Melanie Ann Layer

It was easy for me to fight the old, and never truly embark on the new.

I was taught that it’s bad to:

  • Standing firm in the vision of the world I wanted to create.

  • Standing firm in the beliefs I knew would serve me, my family, and my community.

  • Standing firm in the lane of my future, no longer paying attention to the old paradigm that no longer served humanity

  • Standing firm in my integrity even if it did go against the popular societal conditioning.

Because I needed to be “realistic”.

And because of that, I felt like I was swimming against the current, never actually making it past a certain point. I could achieve the goals, but never felt happy or fulfilled by them.

When I chose to let go of what I thought life was supposed to look like; I let myself be pulled by the waters of my oasis and my inner peace. I found my path. I found life’s truths. I found


And standing firm in everything else in my life became a heck of a lot easier.

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