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  • Stephanie Goudreault

The art of sitting back in your body.

We avoid the things that make us uncomfortable, that creates distress or a particular feeling we don’t want to feel or have never felt.

And we run towards feeling we are accustomed too, and/or know what the outcome will be.

And that’s where addictions start.

As we go through the chaos of the world, the changing and evolution of mankind, it’s become clear to me that the new world will be much different for some, and for others will be much worst.

We are forced to look at the things that make us feel familiar to ourselves.

Sometimes it’s over eating, sometimes it’s over exercising, sometimes it’s a drink or two, sometimes it’s a book / podcast/ movie, and sometimes it the attitude we have towards life.

Our view of life changes based on the meaning we give to it, to ourselves and our surroundings.

And in the midst of chaos or trouble, we are faced with those feelings coming to the surface, revealing themselves in the most painful of times.

What meanings are we giving our emotions/feelings we feel right now?

It’s uncomfortable, awkward, scary and doubtful; and it’s also the key to unlock the next chapter that’s awaiting us.

You see most humans have forgotten the art of feeling into their body’s.

We dwell on the things that gave us the feeling, or the situations, or the conversations and

even the actions that have brought on this discomfort.

But the truth is, we’ve always had these feelings… we just chose to avoid or ignore them.

And even sometimes we chose to override them.

Lately, I’ve been discovering the true purpose of being human. It’s not a question that’s easy to answer, or that’s in any way logical.

Man (human) has skewed the way humans are meant to live, behave, interact, live and learn. And because we are not in tune with ourselves, we are not in tune with what the purpose of humanity is and we give it meaning that is not ours to give.

And we avoid all things we are essentially meant to feel because we believe that the meaning we give is truth.

But is it?

What if in a moment of pain, we allowed ourselves to feel without making it mean anything other than our bodies are releasing hormones that elevates our heart beat, quickens our breath and creates a hype focus. That we take the time to notice how our body is feeling in this moment without making it mean anything other than physical/chemical reactions.

And if for a second, we sit back and feel, and forgive ourselves for bypassing it all these years, we can actually start to release the pent-up emotions.

And with time, we start to realize that it was never about the other person / circumstances, it’s the way we felt about ourselves in the moment.

And what we make it all mean….

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