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  • Stephanie Goudreault

The Luscious Experience

Why luscious? The definitions of luscious and lush, were words that’s came forth when trying to envision what I wanted women to feel, when landing on my page, website or post.

These words can be used to describe the feeling of femininity. A description of what it is to be a woman.

These are the words associated with Luscious: delicious taste or smell, richly luxurious and appealing to the senses.

These are the words associated to Lush: luxuriant, fertile, thriving, abundance, plentiful, prosperous, profitable, savory, delicious, sumptuous and appealing to the senses.

And in a world where femininity is no longer seen as something good, indeed these words screamed out even more. In a world where feminist is becoming rampart; we’re losing sight to the qualities that make us feminine, the values and energies that make us luscious.

And I’m not against equality but this ideology has allowed us to lose track of our magic over the years, becoming more and more driven/hustlers/masculine. And there’s relatively nothing wrong with that, if you chose so, AND there’s nothing wrong with desiring more femininity either.

I’m seeing more and more women focused on their careers, on making money or on being the “boss”... that we’ve lost touch with the very essence that made us magical; our oasis, our lusciousness, our magnetism, our sensuality and our “je ne sais quoi”!

And I believe this is the most beautiful part of being a women, and it seems as though through generations we’ve lost that touch, that rite of passage, that transition from being;

A little girl to a feminine woman.

I never knew this was a thing until I met my mentor... I never understood the beauty that is being feminine in the way that I do now. I grew up in a household with a single mother who had to play all the roles (and I congratulate and honor her for that)


She herself never learned how to properly transition into femininity.

She herself never learned the magic that we carry within us.

She herself never learned how to feel good in her skin.

She herself never knew the difference between being more masculine, and embracing her femininity.

She herself never understood the power of luxury, celebration and magnetism.

And so, I followed in her footsteps, as every young girl follows their mother into the next phases of their life.

I felt like this was not the way to live life, I felt very at odds with myself and could never figure out why.

I worked more

Made more money

Wanted more

Chased more.

Controlled more.

.. this never-ending cycle of believing that if I just had more, I would feel better.

And at the time I wasn’t sure what type of feeling I was searching; happiness? Joy? Love? Appreciation? Value?

I was searching a feeling I couldn’t describe; one I had never felt… and I knew it was there.

Somewhere within me, I just had to create the perfect circumstance.

And what I have learned in this journey to discovering more of my femininity, is that the perfect circumstance is within me. I just have to allow the magic to flow through.

And as Luscious becomes a well-known brand, and the experiences become more and more lush, I want us to have lots of full and healthy growth, to be a part of nature, to have pleasingly rich qualities, to be fertile (not just our wombs but our creations), to be thriving in the avenues we desire to thrive, abundant, prosperous and sensual. Living through every experience with intentionality, momentum and love.

I want us to discover the oasis that lives within us all, and find the beauty in every moment life has to offer.

Luscious to me is a way of being. A way of expression. A way of experiencing.

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