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  • Stephanie Goudreault

The more I embrace who I am, the more I understand God’s plan for me.

It’s been a solid journey of discovering.

I feel like I have wisdom for generations.

Through my travels, my experiences, my choices and my reclamation of self,

I get to shift an entire generation of women.

Women after women look up to their elders for guidance, support and love.

In today’s culture, we are given more of a generated conditioned response to “be more manly/stronger/tougher.”

And I wondered for years why it meant because I showed my emotions that it would make me more of a week woman?

I have encountered a lot of pains and betrayal in my lifetime, and I never saw myself as weak, but society kept pushing this idea that if I was not more masculine, I would never succeed.

So hence the hustle, the intrusive messaging, the emotional avoidance, the control, the pushing…

And it got me further away from who I was because I didn’t want other people to be uncomfortable around me.

And that created a lot of resistance, a lot of resentments and frustration… because this behavior trickled in every sphere of my life; health, relationships, passions, money, career…

And as I start listening to myself in the small moments, I found more trust in who I am as a human.

And the most I trust, the more I step into a reclamation of who I am. Doing things for me.

And as I reclaim who I am, I am drawn to different things.

I am drawn to places that have magic.

I am drawn to the infinite potential that humans have.

I am drawn to new places, new experiences and new feelings.

I am drawn to wealth and abundance.

I am drawn to beauty.

I am drawn to femininity and sensuality.

I’m drawn to God, and his truth.

I am drawn to love, and light.

I am drawn to discovery, adventure and learning.

I am drawn to nature, moon cycles, sunrises and sun sets.

I am drawn to the ripples on the water.

I am drawn to the power of life.

I am drawn to fertility and creation.

I am drawn to strength and courage.

I am drawn to virtues and integrity.

I am drawn to everything that brings us back to ourselves.

An Infinite Circle back to creation.

And as I allow myself to be a part of this, I understand what God has in store for me, and why I was designed this way.

And if I would have repeated the same ancestral conditions, I would not have discovered the true version of me, and the potential God had instilled in me and the plan that was laid out before me.

I would have, like so many women, lost the connection I had with myself, but most importantly with our creator.

Never taking the path of fulfillment.

The more I embrace who I am, the more I understand God’s plan for me.

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