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  • Stephanie Goudreault

The Promise of Another Adventure

The brightness of a new day.

The heat is searing, I can’t feel the sun hitting my face.

It’s morning, the scorpions are out and the birds are signing.

I love mornings.

The promise of another adventure, another experience and another ruin to witness.

I’m in Luxor, the city that follows the Nile River.

Karnak Temple is more than iconic. It’s as beautiful as I’ve seen on TV.

The grandiose, extravagant, huge and powerful statues towering what seems like hundreds of feet.

Down the Avenue of the Sphinxes, I can hardly believe I’m here to experience this moment in time.

Bright blue skies, no wind and sandstone columns all around.

I feel so small amongst these big statues, the columns and temples.

Luxor, You. Are. Amazing.

I want to take pictures of everything, I was to remember this moment forever.

A Canadian girl, experiencing a lifetime of Egyptian history.

Karnak Temple. Valley of The Kings. Temple of Hatshepsut.

These places are alive.

The energy is unreal.

The beauty is profound.

The sandy colors are everywhere.

Egypt is known for its mystery, its elegance, it’s cache, it’s magic.

I can imagine stepping back in time when grand gathering and events were held in this very spot.

Where big boats with soapstone would come up the Nile to bring, the build the next temple.

The slaves and diggers who dug the graves for the kings getting ready for the afterlife.

Decorating, painting, sculpting what will someday be an iconic monuments that will be talked about all over the world.

The food, the hard work, the wine, the fruits, the hardship, the heat, the poverty mixed with luxury… all of it, in a time that seems to stand still.

The dryness of the heat, the sand in my hair, and the softness of the soapstone on the tip of my fingers, the Egyptian food, the Qasab (Sugarcane Juice) on a hot day and the locally grown mangos.

As the sweat pours from my face, I can smell the heat. It’s a 45+ day, and I’ve never felt so alive.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Alexandria, the only port city in Egypt. I’m in love with the ocean, freshly caught fish and the blue of the water. I dream of cities like Alexandria. What a different world a two hour drive can do.

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