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This is it. My new adventure.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

I’ve always thought that writing a blog (and maybe someday a VLOG) would never be part of my story. I was always critiques and criticized for my writing style in high school, and one of my most favorite teacher told me my writing sucked, and so I just gave up on the idea.

Every time I thought about writing again, I felt the resurface of shame I felt in high school and so I never attempted to become a better writer.

When I started my journey in business; I wrote for an entirely different purpose, to please people so they would buy my product. I was told never to for the sake of my growth and evolution or to log my thought into, that no one would care.

And that WAS the mistake.

Humans have used words for decades now to manipulate, coerce and imply certain ideologies. The marketing industry uses words to get us to feel emotional or even afraid in order to sell a certain product. Certain philanthropic causes have used words to twist words and use them for their ideologies, and narrative. School systems have minimized the importance of words by removing books and literature off the curriculum.

Words uses to be beautiful, magical and poetic, they have kept us close to history, to people, to events and to experiences. It has allowed us to share our stories and read other peoples stories. Writing is an art form, a way to our most inner being and expression.

And when words are used properly, it allows others to calibrate to the author, and even though words can never replace the journey that comes from being a real human being, going through real human things. It allows us to feel a different part of ourselves, one that we didn't know existed.

My perspective on life allows me to see the light and the beauty in all things

AND simultaneously being able to feel the sadness, pain, anger, and injustices in the world.

I used to be the woman who avoided all emotions, who was full of toxic positivity and avoided wanting to feel pain (any kind). I made sure to discredit them from my own reality.

But the truth of the matter is without the pain, you can not fully enjoy the celebration and the joy that comes with a full life.

I have come a long way from the woman I was a year ago, and I still have a lot to learn.

My wish is that woman can believe that the world is just as beautiful as they have imaged it.

My passion for travel, adventure, emotions, growth and evolution will be the drive to my self-actualization (and the main catalyst to this blog); sprinkled in with the craziness of the world.

I've come to realize that we can learn from these old ideologies, movements, propaganda, and historical stories, and it is still a great fuel to set the foundation in your values, integrity, beliefs, your reality, and ideologies (and that's the lesson I'm currently learning with these new implemented mandates).

My beliefs and my reality was not always as it is today, and that's due to a large part to the growth I have committed to within myself.

Now you may not agree with my beliefs, my ideas and my writing and they may make you angry, but know this: I also had to consciously untangle in the realm of lies we were fed as kids and as adults.

Until we question our beliefs, our realities, and our ideologies, can we prove them to be our own? And not someone else’s?

It’s a question you can only ask yourself.

Until next post

Steph xo


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