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  • Stephanie Goudreault

This is the duality to life

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

The heaviness of the world, the suppression, the new mandates, the segregation, and the corruption, it’s all ran its toll on my humanness more than it had before.

And I feel like I can’t breathe; the fear they keep pumping is nauseating.

Even after many deep breathes, and trying to gain back the freedom I once felt in my body, I can’t... it’s like life won’t let me and I know I’ve got to ride the wave.

I feel very uncomfortable, and unsafe in the world that man is creating.

I can’t do much to appease this feeling of suffocation but I can manage my own energy.

That’s what femininity is, the ability to regulate your nervous system. It’s the ability to understand that life is full of magical moments of happiness, bliss, love and sensuality. And it is also moments of growth, that are challenging, arduous and plain hard.

I have learned that there will always be a feeling of both light and dark, at the same time.

And ever since I’ve accepted that I couldn’t avoid or escape the feeling of disappointment, frustration, anger and sadness…

I allow myself to feel both at the same time, and be okay with it.

It doesn’t mean that the suffocation feeling that I’m having right now is minimized or is easier.

But I know that this is an important duality to life.

As a woman, we we’re programmed to believe that we’re not allowed to feel those difficult moments, or feel anything at all. And when we do feel; we are coined as being overly emotional.

But in reality, if we learned how to regulate our emotions from a young age, we would never have grown to have been overly emotional. Life will not always be sunshine and rainbows, and we can’t manipulate situations to make us feel like it will be.

Somethings are out of our control, but what we can control is how we chose to react to our current circumstances and situations. It is uncomfortable, and at time it can suck, and at the same time it can entirely change the woman you become along the way (in a good way).

And so, the next time you are tempted to overreact, freak-out, or assume that life is against you. Take a deep breath, and regulate your nervous system by calming down.

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