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  • Stephanie Goudreault

This is the work of a lifetime.

This is the work of a lifetime.

Our work as women is to deeply find parts of us that society has tried to bury deep. We desire to connect with our femininity as much as we can, but it almost seems taboo, or prohibited in today’s society.

In our “political correctness” and fear of “offending” others, we’re not standing up for our identity as women. More and more men are claiming to be like us, and that diminishes the importance that our womb and femininity carry.

A woman is the only gender that can birth life into this world, that can grow a physical baby in their womb and connect it with a soul. WOMEN. And we have a secret power.

We are in a world that’s actively trying to strip away the magic that is BEING a woman.

God created us in such a special way, and we give our power away by letting men claim to be women. Yes, I know, I’m not politically correct, but this problem runs so much deeper than just claiming to be a woman and I can explain what I mean if there’s a need for it.

During my walk to connecting with the feminine and the deeper parts of myself, I see the flaws that made me believe for so many years that I would never be the picture of what a feminine woman looks like. And I’m confident that that is also what has been stopping other women from claiming their femininity as well.

  • I have hair that grows at odd places.

  • I have extra stomach fat.

  • My testosterone levels are a little high for a woman.

  • My feet are a size 10.

  • I have broad shoulders.

And every time I stepped out in public, I believed that these physical attributes would make me look less feminine, and so I kept being more masculine.

Throughout this year, I learned that being feminine has nothing to do with the physical flesh, the clothes you wear, the amount of makeup you put on your face, the amount of hair that you have on your body…

It’s who you are (your being), how you feel in your body and what type of fralalala (vibes) you give out into the world.

There’s a secret juice that runs through our veins that make us magical, magnetic, soft, lovable, compassionate, and luscious! And I’m learning more and more how to harness that juice, that life, the gift of a woman, and the magical magnetism.

I’m so happy to have you on this journey with me. Thanks for being my soul sister.

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