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  • Stephanie Goudreault

Todays the day.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The day I’ve been waiting 20 years for, ever since we’ve learned about pyramids in elementary school.

I have the utmost magical opportunity to see them in the flesh,

It’s a beautiful day full of sunshine (when is it not sunny in Egypt?)

I’m steps away from the pyramids but it’s a long walk in the desert.

The chauffeur pulls up to our hotel, and opens the door.

I feel like I’m in a fairy tale.

The short ride allows us to chat about the history of the great Pyramids of Giza.

“All three of Giza’s famed pyramids, as well as their elaborate burial complexes, were erected in a frantic period from around 2550 to 2490 BC. Pharaohs Khufu, Khafo, and Menkaure constructed the pyramids” – Unknown.

As I step outside, I can help myself but be marveled at the beauty, the history and the energy that surrounds this human (and very spiritual) phenomenon,

As I stand on the bottom of the largest pyramid of the three, I can’t help but feel so small beside these gigantic rocks that form this marvelous creation.

There are thousands, upon thousands of tourists that are surrounding me trying to get the best picture… and all I can think about is. Wow I’m actually here.

I want these pictures taken as quick as possible and spend the next hour understanding what these workers, pharaohs and citizens must have thought at the time. And of course, the hard work that was put into all of this.

How can humans without any actual tools build this: sculpt the rock, stack them and make chambers underneath them… and some humans today can’t even boil water.


There are so many things in this world that are beyond our comprehension, things that we will never be able to explain with our human mind… and in fact, it adds a little flair to the idea that we will actually never know.

You see, I believe that the world is full of these supernatural phenomenon’s and not just the obvious ones like the pyramids, the maya’s architecture, the crop circles… but the ones we live through every day.

If these people around me right now, would take a moment to feel the energy of this place, and put themselves in the shoes of those Egyptians… would they too learn the secrets of the pyramids?

Would God show them how it was done?

Would they feel into a new belief system that if the pyramids were made without the tools that they too can achieve their dreams without any tools?

Would they feel the experience of living over four thousand years ago?

How is it that we can think of a person and they happen to call us?

How is it that we see the same numbers over and over again?

How is it that when people learn to be more like themselves that they feel better about their life?

The pyramids hold the secrets of the world. Things have changed and evolved but, to this day, they still hold the secrets.

The legends of the pyramids… abandoned (how? Where did all the people go? And the Nile why is it not running along the side of the pyramids?) and found again.

I believe in this energy.

We’re not supposed to know, and our human minds can’t grasp the truth of what’s hidden behind these majestic creations.

We are just meant to feel it, imagine it, learn from it and revel in it.

Until next time,

Steph xo


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