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  • Stephanie Goudreault

What a life. I'm in love!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

I was fortunate enough to travel to over a dozen different countries from Europe to the Middle East, to Costa Rica, and all across Canada.

I’ve been able to share my perspective with the world, as we learn how to navigate the current affairs in Canada.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons that can’t be found in a book.

You see if I wouldn’t have braved the wilderness to seek different perspectives, cultures, food, and adventure; I would not have cultivated this way of thinking and this perspective on life.

When you settle into a comfortable life, you become familiar with the identity of the women you’ve become. Some questions never really make it to your conscious mind, and until we question our beliefs, our realities, and our ideologies, can we prove them to be our own?

And not someone else’s?

There are ways that you can perceive the world differently. The different experiences shape who we are and who we become along the way. And our relations to those experience, our thoughts about them and reactions to them can also have a massive impact on our belief system.

We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control how we react.

So what makes us all believe that our realities are the only ones?

As we grow up in a feminist and masculine world, we believe that the way to become more feminine lies on our external features, and we opt to change them with surgeries, beauty salons, nail salons and shopping.

But what if I said that being feminine is also an art; a being that can be felt, but not explained?

As you read this next part of the newsletter, allow yourself to be submersed into my world, my travel and my experience. And this will give you a clue as to what the art of feminine may feel like. Here’s a moment frozen in time, on the balcony of my hotel in Egypt.


The feeling of pure bliss happens from this spot.

Cold Hibiscus tea, warm dry morning, birds and lizards, and a journal in hand.

Overlooking the pyramids (I feel so grateful, submersed in the beauty of it all).

I’m sitting on my hotel balcony in Giza Egypt, it’s hard to fathom how beautiful this view truly is.

What a wonder the world becomes when we think that somehow man was able to build these massive triangle shapes within only a couple of decades

I sit in complete awe of what the world has to offer, and I’m in complete gratitude that I chose to live this life.

I am also reminded that there was once this girl, who dreamed of being a great explorer, a great adventurer, and a great storyteller.

She dreamed of seeing the magic that these pyramids brought, becoming lost in stories of mummies, ghouls, and even scarabs.

She knew that these great Pyramids had more than meet the eyes for inside were secret passages, great tunnels, hidden treasures, and jewels beyond the eyes can see.

She would dream of getting lost and discovering this new city, this new world far beyond what was told in books and history lessons.

She braved the great sands of time, riding camels and feeling the warmth on her face.

She wanted nothing more than to learn the secrets that these pyramids hold, the magic within, and the magic in the stars.

I feel so connected to that girl, the girl who dreamed that everything is possible.

Knowing that nothing stood in my way (except for probably an ocean)

As I sit on this balcony, I can’t help but feel the tears of pure joy and bliss run down my cheek.

This is what life is about, the experience of looking at the view and remembering how far you’ve come, connected to the inner child that believed everything was possible, lost in a world that you can call your own.

And the stories you get to tell along the way…

The greens, the blues, and the brows have never seemed so alive as they do right now.

I feel the magic at this moment. The magic in this experience. The magic within myself.


Can you feel what I feel?

Now that’s a feeling that can’t truly be described but can be felt. In the weeks to come, I would love for you to feel the difference between the outside feminine we’ve all been taught to strive for and the inner feminine we’ve all longed to feel.

You see every goal and dream that we’ve ever had and have today, we believe by achieving it, we’ll feel differently about ourselves and the world around us. And I want to show you how to experience life differently, in a way that is purely our own, in the art of being feminine.


Join me for 3 days where I will show you how to discover your TRUE oasis, the one that's within all of us. Life is meant to be full of beauty, fun, abundance, prosperity, love & joy.

Join me!

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