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  • Stephanie Goudreault

What a magical evening.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The sunsets over the Egyptian sand. The dry breeze of April. Dressed up in a beautiful dress, makeup on and heals that make me feel like a Goddess. I chose that in this moment, nothing can’t disrupt the pure bliss I feel. As we sit at the table for diner, with the twinkles of the night sky… we sit in this open terrace that’s overlooking where was once the pyramids. Engulfed in the darkness of the night, the pyramids disappear until the sun rises again. What a magical day it’s been. I’m soaking every moment I have in this city, every second of breath, and never want these last few days to end. I’m screaming on the inside, I feel like a total queen being up so high overlooking parts of the city, while I drink my sparkling water. This experience has been more than I could have ever imagine, a touch of luxury right at my fingertips. I feel so peaceful. AND I can’t believe I’m actually here (someone pinch me). I remember a time when this was all just a dream. The world is so beautiful and it truly offers all the possibilities one can imagine. The wealthy woman has awakened inside me, the magic of the pyramids is real. What if this could be my life? What if I chose to make this a reality every day? What if I got to see all the magic the world has to offer? What if I got to bring my future husband to this place? What if someday, I could bring others with me? We are in a world of potential! AND before truly get to feel the magic, We have got to take a second to appreciate the beauty that’s around us. ✨


Join me for 3 days where I will show you how to discover your TRUE oasis, the one that's within all of us. Life is meant to be full of beauty, fun, abundance, prosperity, love & joy.


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