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  • Stephanie Goudreault

When Emotions are high, Intelligence is low.

It’s been a solid day today of all the feels.

The sun was shining, the air was crisp and the wave of Saturday morning vibes was in the house. I was blown away by the number of Canadians coming together in different parts of the country, and around the world.

And then I got hit; with another blow, with another emotional outbreak, with another drama, and with human behavior.

Our experiences, beliefs, contexts, and programming shape our views and/or reality. And when we go through rough times, it’s truly an opportunity to get to know ourselves a little better. When emotions are high, intelligence is low and we have an opportunity to look at our subconscious reactions to different events that may be difficult. When the dust settles, and our nervous system is back to homeostasis, we get to look at our processes and reactions, without justifying the pain, just by understanding the reactivity.

This is truly a painful process because our brains want to pinpoint other people for the way we’ve reacted instead of taking ownership of how we react. Today I’ve had the opportunity to once again reflect on my reactions/actions so I can become a better person, and can learn to change my behaviors.

“We are not punished for our sins (that is, our thoughts, feelings and action), but by them.” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

If life was always sunshine and rainbows (which would be nice maybe) when would we have the opportunity to face ourselves and our character? Pain is a necessary part of life, and it plays a much bigger role than we can imagine. THIS IS the opportunity for self-awareness.

To look at ourselves in the mirror and take responsibility for our play in this grand game of chess.

And in the pains of today, I saw my old self who would have been faced with the same emotion and the same chemical reaction in her body. I chose to react differently even when

I felt ALL the same feelings; anxiety, attack, fear, anger... These last few years have been hard on every woman, and we all have our way of coping with the high level of fear, stress, and hatred. Our nervous system has not been properly trained to deal with and handle the immense amount of betrayal, lies, gaslighting, segregation, persecution, and trauma we’ve been through as a nation (and as humans). And this is why it is so important for me to share what I’ve learned about emotional intelligence, regulating nervous systems, becoming more anchored to our genuine characteristics as women, reprogramming subconsciousness, and the reclamation of personal power. This is a constant thing for me, and I’ve developed such a love for myself throughout this process.

Our feelings and reactions are based on past patterns, where we fall into old behaviors and known emotions without second thought. I will be talking more about this in the next newsletter, but for now… just understand that pain or discomfort is the purest of moments in which you have a chance to look at your behavior and take ownership to change them and do better next time.

This is our time to change the narrative, our relationship with ourselves, and to show up more powerfully in our femininity. Because I also believe that women will change the world, not for the reason feminists think, but for our innate characteristics of love, nurturing, intuition, and kindness. The very characteristics that have been sold to us as weak, and misogynistic.

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