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  • Stephanie Goudreault

Your experience of life is your own

Your experience of life is your own – and only you can create and change it, mold it into the world you’d like to experience.

Even as you get married, or have kids, date different people or make loads of money… your internal world will not changed based on the new things you have in your external world.

There’s a dangerous thing that’s being creating in the online world right now, this idea that the metaverse can make everything better for you and you can have everything you desire, is a serious trap.

As people quickly start to plug into this “fake” world and realize that they have everything, and yet they don’t feel any differently. That they won’t feel better about themselves in the inside, and that will create a major problem in mental and emotional health. Because currently this is what we are seeing in the world now.

People start thinking there’s something wrong with them, and that they “should” be happy, and think they would feel differently by being a millionaire in a world that’s not real (or in the current world).

And in fact, and there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s the way we’ve all been programmed that’s wrong in this equation.

Everything you desire on the outside will not make you feel better about your life, and sometimes those desires are intrinsically created because there’s a belief that they’ll make you feel a certain way.

This reality that’s trying to be create on the outside, has to first come by changing your inside, and I call this part of us, the Oasis.

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to see?

What do you want to experience?

What do you want to learn (for no reason but desire)?

Who do you want to become?

I knew sometime ago, that there had to be a different way to live life; burnt out chasing things and money was not exciting or fulfilling to me. How would I live life and enjoy the journey if I was always looking forward to the next goal/thing/accomplishment?

As your internal reality changes, you are drawn to a different experience of life.

Seeing more quality in everything that you do, instead of quantity (and start to substantially distinguish both).

Food, people and adventure becomes different.

You crave more intentionality and a slower pace lifestyle.

Your decisions become rooted in integrity and values (who you are BEING) versus in emotional triggers and traumas, and the subconscious mind.

You appreciate the beauty around you so much more than you did before (it’s like the way you see the world is different than you had seen it before)

It’s the lenses of your glasses (or the way you see the world) have changed thanks to expanding the Oasis within you.

And because that changes, your personal reality starts to change, and your personality – when looking at your life, nothing significant around you has changed (e.g. like winning the lotto or loosing 100lbs)

The reality is you’ve changed!

And because you’ve changed… your external world starts to change.

There’s a switch, and a ripple effect that transpires into your life.

The fascinating thing is, the experience of life will never change unless you do. You are the common denominator and the one factor you can control.

This year has been such an eye-opening year, I’ve learned that you can indeed experience a different personal reality if you chose, AND there is better way to do life!

But there are key factors that need to be addressed, and I will address them as time goes on.

Indeed, it is not a myth you get to change your whole external life, based on changing your internal wellbeing. The world would rather not give you that power by suppressing your critical thinking, your emotional intelligence, your link to God and your access to nutrient dense foods.

It’s important, it’s a journey and it’s your experience of life we’re talking about… this is not a game or something to mess with.

The one tip for now, is if you truly want to see your life change, you have got to start applying what you’ve learned either here or from other teachers.

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