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COMING 2023 - Luscious Experience Events

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Welcome to the Luscious Experience

I’m a luxury Brand Experience Creator, I design the most delicious, luxurious and lavish event you have ever been a part of. I create the experiences that you didn't know you needed. An experience designed to feel different than your normal. 

My specialty is to create luxurious retreats (domestic or international), and experiences to reconnect with the divine feminine. I bridge the gap between possibility and potentiality, through the quickest method I know how: Travel. It is well known that in order to create the desired life outcome, it requires a change of experience - to get out of the current personal reality. Stepping into a retreat that is luxurious, feminine and wealthy, you will feel the next version of you emerge from a place of alignment.

Our first ever feminine retreat will be in COSTA RICA!! 

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Local Event Planning

For the right woman, I can also create bachelorettes, bridal parties, small company parties, product launches and picnics/gatherings in your area.

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The Luscious Experience

Cultivating more analog experiences. Ruminations on being feminine (not a feminist), falling in love with life, while enjoying beauty and luxury

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